IFM Fashion BA

May 2023

Styling workshop in collaboration with Temple Magazine

IFM Bachelors compose a full silhouette using some key-pieces from their personal collection, completed with a selection of fashion & accessory pieces sourced from designers or houses’ collections. With a particular attention paid on models’ attitudes, that work enables the Bachelors to reveal and/or amplify their own creative identity.

BA Image Tutoring & Creative Direction support

David Herman 


Charlotte Haulot 

Styling support

Clara Ziegler 


Adrien Brand, Natanael Bennefla-Paris, Kelly Dahan, Sandrine Durdux, Marine Depaz, Constanza Estrada Trujillo, Berangere Cuny, Iann Crehange, Ming Wang, Abraham Hsu, Ruoyu Xi, Sze Ching Wong, Keyuan Zheng


Yeva covermodelsparisyloan_ngdollopmay_, Daphné covermodelsparis, Jean fever_mgmtderfloh2evecolomboart, Mathis fever_mgmtlouna.ndba